This is for you who would like to bring your skiing to a higher level, primarily on the piste.

We start with your awareness and help you to explore what movements you are using at the moment. Together we come to a common goal for where your next step lies, a process I’ll keep supporting along the way. This is a very rewarding session where you will not only become a better skier, you will also understand skiing to a deeper extent.

We finish each session with a short summary and a in-depth ski- & movement assessment combined with a plan for future technique and style improvement.


With awareness comes development. Changing your movement patterns in a sustainable way comes with time and practice. I recommend for us to meet continuously during the season, to let the new movement settle and from time to time follow up on the latest focus. This is a fun journey we do together towards a lifelong passion for skiing, and movement in general.

All Day* CHF 580
Half Day* CHF 310
* 7 hours (9am – 4pm)
** 3 hours (9am – 12pm or 1pm – 4pm)


Development Package

CHF550All Day
  • Half Day CHF 300
  • 3+ Days

Elevate Package

CHF520All Day
  • Half Day CHF 290
  • 5+ Days

Pro Package

CHF500All Day
  • Half Day CHF 280
  • 10+ Days

Pay with Twint, Card, E-banking, Revolut, Cash.