Love is always in the mountain air. Even on a day in the sign of love when everything goes sweet and rosy, you must not forget to celebrate the love for skiing. And what could be more romantic than skiing together with your loved one? Here are my rosy reasons for a date on skis:

  • It’s a fun activity (I’ve never understood the thing with bowling on a date…)
  • You look so wonderfully fresh and sporty being outside in the mountain air.
  • You can sit very close to each other on the lift.
  • With the right timing, you can get a gondola for yourself. In Davos the Schifer’s gondola is an 18 min romantic ride!
  • If it’s cold, it is a perfect reason to give warming hug
  • Call one of the mountain restaurants up and pre-book a bottle of bubbly as a cool surprise.
  • Bring a picknick – thermos with hot chocolate, a reindeer skin and an extra down jacket or blanket. Cozy!
  • Top off your day on the mountain together by going on a horse-carriage, cosily in front of a fireplace or an outdoor steamy hot tub.
  • Many resorts and hotels offer romantic weekends wether you are skiing lovers or luxury lovers.

If you have watched some old ski films ex: Snowroller (the Alps) or Dumb and dumber (Aspen)? You can try:

  • Showing up in extremely funny ski clothes to break the ice 🙂
  • Starting a snowball fight – in movies a love story always begins with a fight and ends with a kiss…

…and forget roses or chocolate. The one-of-a-kind Valentine’s gift and to make the day extra special and memorable is of course to book a ski-lesson together.

Happy Valentine’s skiing